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Product Footprint Certification

Third party assurance of carbon measurement, reduction and neutrality claims

A product carbon or water footprint is the total sum of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) produced or the water used throughout a product’s lifecycle, including production, distribution and use.

Measuring and analysing the environmental, carbon and resource footprints of your products and services provides a wealth of useable data and key information that can be used to manage risks as well as to identify cost reduction and product-development opportunities.

The Carbon Trust can provide assurance on a wide range of environmental claims related to products, including: carbon footprint measurement or reduction; carbon neutrality; water footprint measurement or reduction; certification of carbon footprint model outputs; and the supply of 100% renewable electricity.


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The history of the Carbon Trust's footprint label

The Carbon Trust launched the world’s first carbon footprint label in 2007, allowing companies to make independently verified claims related to the climate change impact of their products. Since then, tens of thousands of products have received assurance against internationally recognised standards.

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Certification offers real advantages

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Deliver improvements

  • Benchmark your product performance
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency
  • Encourage adoption of lower impact products

Enhance reputation

  • Independent assurance of environmental credentials
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Engage staff and customers with product sustainability

Beyond compliance

  • Verified environmental impact data
  • Meet contracting and procurement expectations
  • Show leadership on sustainability issues
Carbon Trust Footprint Label

Carbon Trust Footprint Label

The Carbon Trust Footprint Label allows you to foster brand loyalty, visibly differentiate your product and confidently demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Consumers and business alike have become more sophisticated and discerning in their buying decisions, increasingly expressing a preference for products and services that have rigorously validated environmental credentials. The Footprint Label displays a commitment to measuring and reducing the resource footprints of your products, providing a clear visual signal for consumers and stakeholders.

Universally recognised, the Footprint Label shows your customers, employees and stakeholders that you have taken steps to measure and reduce the resource footprint of your product, thereby reducing cost and demonstrating clearly your commitment to environmental sustainability.

Over the past few years consumer demand for meat alternatives has grown by numbers that we could not have anticipated. We are incredibly proud that, as we have scaled up our operations and increased sales of our products, we have continued to make real reductions in our environmental impact. The Carbon Trust has been a key partner in our journey to achieving these reductions, and the footprint label helps us to transparently, and confidently communicate sustainability initiatives to our partners and customers.

Louise Needham, Sustainability Manager, Quorn

Carbon Trust Product Water Footprint Label

Product Water Footprint Certification

Determining and certifying product water footprints provides insight into resource utilisation and efficiency, together with the ability to differentiate your product and brand, widen distribution and support sales growth.

A product water footprint calculates the water consumed over the entire lifecycle of a product or service, from production through to use, recycling or disposal.

The footprinting and certification of your product or service provides detailed, quantified information on water use and operational efficiency, together with independently verified data and a globally recognized certification that supports investment into R&D, risk mitigation and cost reduction together with a means to communicate your product’s resource efficiency and your brand identity and value.

A product water footprint calculates the water consumed over the entire lifecycle of a product or service, from production through to use, recycling or disposal. The footprinting and certification of your product or service provides detailed, quantified information on water use and operational efficiency, together with independently verified data and a globally recognized certification that supports investment into R&D, risk mitigation and cost reduction together with a means to communicate your product’s resource efficiency and your brand identity and value.

Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Leader, Amcor Flexibles

Carbon Trust Footprint Label - Carbon Neutral

Carbon Trust Carbon Neutral certification

A carbon neutral footprint is one where the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) produced is offset by natural carbon sinks and/or carbon credits.  Carbon Trust Certification certifies organisations and products to PAS 2060 - the internationally recognised certification standard for the demonstration of carbon neutrality.

PAS 2060 requires robust measurement and a plan for achieving internal reductions and offsetting using high quality carbon credits. The Carbon Trust recognises only Gold Standard carbon credits.

Carbon Neutral footprint certification enables you to gain an internationally recognised, fully independent measurement that can be used to communicate your product’s resource efficiency, to drive sales, reduce costs and increase brand loyalty.

Certified Model

Footprint Model Certification

Calculate accurate and reliable carbon footprints with a Certified Model. A certified carbon footprint model efficiently delivers accurate and reliable product carbon footprints at scale.

The Carbon Trust can develop or support your carbon footprint model, providing certification to recognised international standards. In addition, we can help you identify carbon and energy reduction opportunities in your supply chain, assist in preparing data for modelling and award the Carbon Trust Label for Model Certification, which can also help work towards certification and communication of the footprints generated by your model.


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