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PAS 2080 Carbon Management in Infrastructure

Reducing the carbon emissions associated with the infrastructure industry

Reducing the carbon emissions associated with the infrastructure industry is essential in the mitigation of global climate change.  Infrastructure is associated with half of UK Greenhouse Gas emissions of which 30% are directly attributed to the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

Achieving carbon reductions in the infrastructure industry is dependent on leadership and collaboration. Implementing carbon management across the infrastructure industry value chain will help maximise reduction in both carbon and cost but also help to build an innovative culture within the industry.


PAS 2080 overview

PAS 2080 aims to achieve a systematic process for infrastructure delivery in which carbon management under the direct control of the value chain is the main focus. PAS 2080 encourages full participation from all members of the value chain to develop a consistent use of data, reporting, quantification, benchmarking, target setting and continuous improvement for climate change mitigation.

PAS 2080 is applicable to any member involved in the delivery of infrastructure including asset owners/managers, designers, constructers and product/material suppliers.

International Opportunity

PAS 2080 has been authored to meet the World Trade Organisation requirements allowing it to quickly become a global standard. Compliance will help firms gain an early advantage in global markets.


PAS 2080 ensures carbon is consistently and transparently quantified at key points in infrastructure delivery which promotes sharing of data along the value chain.

Reputational benefits

PAS 2080 helps deliver a positive message of improved carbon management and cost reduction which can help success in both UK and international development projects.

Management Framework

Clear focus on providing a non-regulatory framework for managing carbon, focusing on how members across the value chain can change behaviours when delivering projects.


How can the Carbon Trust help?

As an independent, expert partner to organisations on sustainability issues, Carbon Trust has over 16 years’ experience helping businesses around the world reduce their carbon footprint. With our 3rd party certification to PAS 2080: 2016 we help organisations in the construction industry move towards a more collaborative, sustainable future by identifying areas of improvement and utilising sector best practice.

We have created our very own gap analyses tailored to the needs of asset owners/managers, designers, constructers or product/material suppliers to help you identify and realise the changes required for PAS 2080:2016 compliance.

Contact us to find out more about PAS 2080:2016 and how your organisation can benefit from certification.

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E-learning module

The e-learning module “Reduce Carbon, Reduce Cost” has been developed by the Green Construction Board to help leaders and practitioners in the infrastructure sector gain a better understanding of how to manage and reduce carbon in infrastructure.

The core theme of the module is about using the PAS 2080 framework to view infrastructure projects holistically to reduce carbon and reduce cost through more intelligent design, construction and use, involving and aligning stakeholders in the process.

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