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Airport Carbon Accreditation Services

The Carbon Trust is an accredited provider of independent third-party verification services against the requirements of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme, which provides airport operators with a framework for proactive carbon management

Airport carbon accreditation

The ACA scheme provides a mechanism for airport operators to work collaboratively to measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint. And for those with a well-established carbon management programme, it offers an option to achieve carbon neutral status.

Focusing on operational activities responsible for the bulk of carbon emissions, it can be utilised as part of an airports daily environmental management plan. It also helps to guide and support strategic environmental initiatives via a continual improvement process and engagement with multiple stakeholders.

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To meet ACA requirements, operator are required to have their carbon footprints (and potentially their carbon management and stakeholder plans) independently verified in accordance with the ISO14064 (Greenhouse Gas Accounting) Standard.

Such verification can only be undertaken by verifiers who meet the programme’s strict accreditation requirements. The Carbon Trust meets these requirements and has already verified the footprints of a number of international airports.

Airport accreditation

An independent and trusted partner

The Carbon Trust is acknowledged as a leading provider of independent verification and certification services that recognise real achievements in sustainability, As such we offer an authoritative service that meets the needs of the ACA scheme and provides confidence to stakeholders, employees and customers.

And for those seeking to demonstrate leadership, we can combine an ACA verification with an assessment against the Carbon Trust Standard in an efficient and streamlined process.

Sustainability leaders

Carbon Trust Certification has worked with many leading airport operators, including:

  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Manchester Airport Group
    • Birmingham
    • Bristol
    • East Midlands
    • Manchester
We’re delighted to have been re-certified with the Carbon Trust Standard. Cutting carbon and ensuring a sustainable future for our business is a priority for us and we have invested heavily in green projects since we made the commitment to be carbon neutral…. recertifying under the Carbon Trust Standard has enabled us to identify new areas to increase carbon efficiency; bringing tangible and significant cost savings to our operations.

Neil Robinson Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Manchester Airports Group

For more information download the overview:

Airports Carbon Accreditation overview (PDF)

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