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Technical advice and project feasibility studies

We can provide you with technical advice to help you to identify, quantify and progress the most cost effective sustainability and carbon reduction projects.

Our delivery team includes qualified engineers and finance professionals all focussed on our mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. As we are independent, we are technology agnostic and are not tied to the promotion of specific products or suppliers. Our technical advice and project feasibility support includes:

To find out more about how we can support you to help you to identify, quantify and progress the most cost effective sustainability and carbon reduction projects, please contact us.

Key benefits for your organisation:

Cutting costs 

Energy is a significant and growing cost for many organisations, reducing consumption can deliver substantial cost savings.


Facilitating compliance

We can support preparation of data submissions required by environmental legislation such as ESOS.


Enhancing reputation

Being able to demonstrate emissions reductions can differentiate your brand in a crowded market place.

Reducing emissions

By reducing energy consumption, you will also reduce CO2 emissions, helping you to achieve your sustainability objectives.


Validating bills

Monitoring energy and resource use helps you validate your bills to ensure that you are only paying what you should. 


Engaging staff

Carbon reduction projects can be a good platform for broader staff engagement on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Site surveys and energy audits

An experienced Carbon Trust engineer will examine your building, recommending the opportunities with the best paybacks and carbon savings. To identify the greatest savings, we look at the way in which a building or site operates, including energy controls and maintenance procedures, as well as at the energy consuming systems in the building. We recommend projects have a clear implementation process, and can help pull this together.

We have extensive experience carrying out surveys and feasibility studies underpinned by real engineering rigour. We have worked with over 1,000 public bodies in this way and carried out over 35,000 energy audits for both business and public sector organisations.

We can also support your organisation to go beyond compliance, implement energy efficiency and cut costs now to take advantage of the opportunities in the UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

In partnering with the Carbon Trust, we have benefitted from unrivalled expertise in energy management combined with an effective and supportive team.

David March, Group Environmental Manager, Keepmoat

Energy Management Service

The Carbon Trust Energy Management Service is based on the old adage that ‘what gets measured gets managed’. We gather data from your energy meters and use specialist software to show how and where you are consuming energy. Our team of experts analyses the data to identify specific issues and opportunities to reduce consumption, and provides advice and guidance on implementing them. In the Carbon Trust’s experience, a building’s energy consumption can frequently be reduced by up to 10% through better energy management – but only if it receives ongoing attention.

By enabling us to visualise our energy consumption, the Carbon Trust’s support means we can manage our building to optimise consumption, reduce costs and improve our environmental impact.

Managing Director, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies Ltd.

Download the Carbon Trust Energy Management Service overview (PDF)

ISO 50001 Services

We can help you prepare for ISO 50001 - the international energy management standard. It provides a framework and guidance on how to monitor, manage and potentially reduce your energy consumption. For companies that have recently completed an ESOS assessment it is a logical next step and provides a route to compliance for the next phase.

  •  Measuring and monitoring energy consumption by having an Energy Management System (EnMS) will assist you in finding ways to use energy more efficiently, thereby potentially reducing costs.
  • Identifying your energy sources and usage helps you to identify and limit future risks, prepare for future legislation and determine alternative sources.
  • Dedicated energy management proves to your stakeholders and employees that you are committed to improving efficiency and to limiting your environmental impact
  • Large corporates who have well developed sustainability governance prefer to do business with like-minded companies who can demonstrate a commitment through internationally recognised standards such as ISO 50001.
  • The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) legislation which impacts all large companies (over 250 employees) in the UK recognises ISO 50001 as a route to compliance 


As a first step, for companies that are just starting out on ISO 50001 the Carbon Trust provides an audit ‘lite’ gap analysis service to review current practices and assess the steps required to implement ISO 50001. We can then help you prepare for and achieve ISO 50001 implementation. 

Our work with the Carbon Trust has helped us to sharpen our focus on energy efficiency as a business. By implementing ISO 50001 we were able to comply with the UK government’s ESOS regulations, but more importantly we have strengthened our approach to energy management with a system that allows us to continuously improve our processes and find new cost savings.

Steve Harris, Manager of Sustainable Development, Nynas Bitumen

Feasibility studies

We can advise on both energy efficiency and renewable projects, as well as decentralised energy schemes. We have the tools and expertise to carry out feasibility studies and investment grade assessments on all key energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. We focus on whole life costs, and can carry out lifecycle costing analysis to back up the purchase of energy efficient equipment. We also have an impartial view of potential suppliers and sources of finance.

Decentralised energy support

Decentralised energy projects can generate lasting cost and carbon savings, and protect against future energy price rises. They can also deliver broader social objectives such as ensuring security of supply and addressing fuel poverty.

The Carbon Trust decentralised energy team provides independent, technology-neutral advice and expertise to public bodies in the UK and internationally that want to investigate and progress decentralised energy projects, such as district heating, district cooling, and local energy generation.

With expertise in stakeholder management, planning policy support, financial and commercial modelling, and technical advice, we can support you through the decentralised energy project development process.

The Carbon Trust’s support is primarily focused on developing heat based projects, such as a CHP plant serving a commercial building; a waste-to-energy system using household refuse or industrial waste as a source of fuel; or a gasification plant burning sustainable biomass. This service helps public bodies to determine the best technical solutions, project governance and finance options for district heating networks and decentralised energy schemes, and also assists with intelligent procurement and market engagement.

The Carbon Trust’s extensive industry knowledge of developing district energy networks contributed to a robust consultant selection process and their day-to-day management is ensuring more robust and less risky outputs are being delivered. Ultimately the Carbon Trusts’ services are contributing to making the realisation of operational district energy networks in the Leeds City Region more likely

Noel Collings, Senior Projects Officer, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

More information on decentralised energy support

Building Design Advice

The objective of the Building Design Advice service is to work with you to achieve low and zero carbon developments and buildings, with low running costs and whole life costs. The service is designed to aid planners, central and local government bodies, developers and architects.

This is achieved by engaging with projects at a pre-design master plan stage with the intention of influencing early decisions such as site selection, building orientation, energy sharing with neighbours, passive design, energy strategies including renewables, architectural and M&E designs, and the way in which value for money is assessed.

The service has now been running for several years and the Carbon Trust has worked with a wide spectrum of public and private sector clients in many sectors.

Housing services

Our housing services team can work with you at all stages of your low carbon new build or retrofit housing project. Our aim is to identify cost effective methods for reducing energy use and carbon emissions from housing, and to create homes which are healthy, comfortable and affordable places to live.  

We are experienced in working with public and private sector clients. We work with local authorities and social landlords to upgrade their housing stock and tackle fuel poverty. We can support property developers, contractors and suppliers in their delivery of resource efficient housing and communities.  We can help you with site surveys, feasibility studies, design advice, construction stage audits and post completion review and monitoring.

With the support of the Carbon Trust we were able to identify at an early stage that our offices and communal housing schemes were responsible for 90% of our emissions. This enabled us to focus our Carbon Management Plan on those areas which would have the greatest impact. The guidance, expertise and tools provided by the Carbon Trust were invaluable.

Natalie Twomey, Environmental Projects Manager, Adactus Housing Group

More information on housing services

Case studies

Carbon Trust provided bespoke strategic support to Bristol City Council in developing and implementing its local energy and heat network projects. Our independent, expert advice helped Bristol to reduce transaction costs and engage effectively with the market.

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Since 2001, we have worked with 75% of FTSE 100 companies and more than 3,000 public sector organisations in the UK and overseas - and helped our customers to cut 60MtCO2 from their carbon footprints and make over £5.5 billion in energy savings.

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