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Footprinting & resource efficiency

Footprint measurement and analysis

We can develop a certifiable organisational or product footprint for your organisation. For businesses, this can help boost sales, enhance your brand and identify cost savings and product-development opportunities.

We have unrivalled expertise in measuring and analysing environmental and carbon footprints, and can advise on ways to manage risks, identify cost reduction and product-development opportunities.

We can help your organisation measure emissions under your direct control (scope 1 and 2 emissions) as well as your organisation's indirect (scope 3) emissions. We also offer carbon footprinting software solutions.

Organisational footprinting

Our footprinting analysis can be tailored to support the needs of your specific organisation.   

Measuring and understanding your organisation’s carbon footprint is one of the first steps needed to cut carbon and energy costs – it enables you to measure subsequent savings, and it helps you to identify areas of energy wastage.

We have helped over 500 public sector organisations to establish a carbon footprint and energy cost baseline, following the greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol methodology and using tried and tested baselining tools. 


Renewable power & Scope 2 Reporting

The new GHG Protocol Scope 2 guidance enables companies reporting their carbon emissions to gain recognition for using renewable power. We can help companies assess low-carbon energy options and report their emissions correctly.  Read more in the Renewable power & GHG Scope 2 Reporting overview (PDF)

Supply chain and product footprinting

We develop footprinting models and product footprints that can be aligned to GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS 2050 or ISO 14067, and analyse the data to pinpoint opportunities for your organisation. We also assess value-chain carbon footprints to identify broader risks and business opportunities around international markets, pricing strategies and entry points for new products and services. These are constructed in line with the GHG Protocol Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

Our product and supply chain footprinting work includes:

  • 28,000 certifiable product footprints
  • The Scope 3 Calculation Guidance for the WRI/WBCSD Corporate Value Chain Standard and the PAS 2050 Standard for product footprinting, which we co-authored
  • Our experts were part of the committee for the development of both ISO14067 and GHG Protocol Product Standard
  • The creation of leading product carbon footprinting software, Footprint Expert, used by companies in 17 countries
  • A range of services and tools that measure the entire value chain footprint of an organisation and even whole industries


Territorial footprinting

We carry out territorial carbon footprinting for cities, nation states, and communities to understand and identify key priorities and carbon saving options. This includes pioneering work using the Global Protocol for Community Scale Emissions to calculate carbon footprints for cities in the UK, Malaysia and Mexico.

Certify your organisation or product footprint

We also offer a range of assurance and certification services, including organisational and product footprint certification.

Without sufficient understanding of where your emissions are coming from it is very difficult to manage them and make significant reductions. This is where the Carbon Trust really helped us.

Charlotte Smyrl, Carbon Reduction Adviser for the Lake District NPA

Case studies

Using carbon footprint models built with the Carbon Trust, Bord Bia has been able to demonstrate the relative resource competitiveness of Irish agriculture, with the Irish dairy industry being shown to have the joint lowest carbon footprint in Europe.

We helped Holcim, one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates, standardise its sustainability methodology across the whole of their organisation.

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Resource efficiency: carbon, water and waste measurement and reduction

Investing in energy, water and waste efficiency can provide significant financial benefits while enhancing your organisation’s reputation.

In our experience, resource cost reductions of at least 15% can be achieved while generating attractive returns within compelling payback periods. The challenge, however, is in knowing where to look for these opportunities and in building the case for investment.

Our team of experts can help you take the first step towards building a business case and assessing the benefits of cutting carbon and improving resource management. The Carbon Trust has a dedicated team of professionals who can advise on best practice. Based on our extensive experience of working with large companies and public sector organisations and our in-house knowledge, we can provide you with an efficient review of opportunities and likely returns.

We can begin by assessing the characteristics of your organisation’s resource consumption and waste levels, working with you to establish a top-down analysis of cost, carbon, waste and water reduction opportunities. This can be used by senior management to determine how to allocate further focus in order to pursue these opportunities.

The review can include:

  • Kick-off meeting with relevant managers to establish the scope and characteristics of the organisation, and broader business objectives
  • Collation of energy, waste and water consumption data
  • Modelling of resource and cost saving opportunities
  • Sizing and quantification of the opportunity (total savings, capex requirements/upfront cost, ROI)
  • Recommendations for focusing and prioritising investment
Our work with the Carbon Trust goes to the core of our business model. Sustainable development is not about how we spend our money; it is integral to the way we make our money. Ultimately, we are in business to provide products and solutions to our customers. We need to ensure that the solutions we provide are superior in quality, competitive in price and have the lowest possible environmental and social footprint. The Carbon Trust has helped us get closer to our objectives.

Eva Carranza, Holcim

We also have a carbon management process tailor made for public bodies.

Our CPD accredited carbon management process helps you produce a five to ten year plan to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Through this process you can join 600 of the UK’s largest public sector bodies who have developed a Carbon Trust approved plan, complete with project register, financial business case and programme governance.

Our team can then work with you to build on this first step. Our team of implementation experts can help you source suppliers, finance and the best equipment to help deliver to your objectives.

Why work with us?

We have the experience, expertise and deliver results. We have worked with hundreds of organisations around the world and produced thousands of carbon footprint assessments that have had a positive impact on both the environment and business profitability.

Since 2001, we have worked with 75% of FTSE 100 companies and more than 3,000 public sector organisations in the UK and overseas - and helped our customers to cut 60MtCO2 from their carbon footprints and make over £5.5 billion in energy savings.

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