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Organisational engagement

Engaging employees and encouraging sustainable, low carbon behaviour in the workplace.

Employee engagement in energy saving

Employee engagement in resource efficiency and carbon reduction can help change behaviour in the workplace, to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, cut your organisation's carbon emissions, and realise significant savings.

Our business and public sector advice services can support you in developing and implementing employee engagement strategies and behaviour change programmes, to encourage employees to save energy in the workplace and reduce carbon emissions, water and waste.

How we can help you

Our employee engagement services include:

Workshops: we can provide bespoke materials for your organisation to run its own workshops or we can run them for you. Our workshops are designed to encourage your employees to think about and act on energy efficiency opportunities; they can be tailored to whatever sustainability issues are most relevant to your organisation. Topics of interest could include how to influence suppliers, how to engage with customers on sustainability, and a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach for green champions. 

Technical training: we offer in-depth energy efficiency training for engineers and other energy professionals. Engaging engineers and other employees who can have a large impact on energy efficiency is a simple way to make significant energy savings.

Senior and external stakeholder engagement: 
The reputational, scientific and financial business case for carbon reduction is compelling, yet organisations often need support in engaging vital stakeholders. Our experts understand how best to articulate this business case at a senior level and across large, complex organisations. We would be pleased to help you develop and communicate the business case for cutting carbon in your organisation or local area, whether it be around an entire carbon strategy or a specific project such as a decentralised energy scheme.


CPD-accredited five step approach:   The Carbon Trust has developed a structured and CPD-accredited approach to achieving staff engagement, drawing on the latest research in behavioural psychology and our extensive experience of what works. We can take your organisation through a five step approach to establish an effective campaign where outcomes are measured and monitored, providing you with the tools needed to make the process faster and easier. 

Working with the Carbon Trust we were able to develop a strategy for implementing a large-scale behaviour change campaign, prioritising the actions and audiences that would have the biggest impact on energy use. The results we have seen are a testament to the power of engaging the very committed staff we have across the University to do their bit to help us improve our environmental performance. We have been able to engage senior leadership and now have an active network of green champions.

Tim Allen, Environmental Project Officer at the University of Sheffield

Benefits of employee engagement

Employee engagement in energy efficiency and carbon reduction has many benefits:

Energy savings:
a well implemented employee engagement scheme can lead to energy savings of approximately 5-10%. Saving energy saves money and reduces an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Employee satisfaction: participation in employee engagement schemes can make employees feel valued. Knowing that their organisation cares about sustainability can improve employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Reputation: an employee engagement scheme around sustainability shows that an organisation cares about both its employees and the environment. This can improve an organisation’s reputation and improve employee attraction.


Download our “Creating an awareness campaign” guide  and posters and stickers to help raise awareness of resource efficiency in your organisation.

Case studies

The world's largest building society, Nationwide, worked with the Carbon Trust to develop a bespoke version of online behaviour change tool Empower, to help engage its 15,000 employees with energy efficiency.

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