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Business advice

We help companies turn good environmental performance into competitive advantage.

Our expert knowledge and comprehensive range of tools and techniques are designed to help your organisation get ahead.  

How we can help

We provide a comprehensive service tailored to your company's business needs. Our consultants look at the environmental impact of your entire business, from the supply chain to customers.  We will identify where efficiencies can be made, helping your business meet the challenges of sustainability and make the most of business opportunities.

We tailor our services to find the most efficient approach for:

  • Analysing your organisations’ carbon, water and waste footprints, uncovering the environmental impacts & resource efficiency risks and quantifying the cost of inaction
  • Catalysing change by identifying & prioritising opportunities that have compelling business cases
  • Developing & implementing innovative business strategies, with realistic targets and practical action plans
  • Communicating the results to stakeholders/customers/senior management in a way that they can value
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Corporate sustainability leadership

We talk to senior leaders from seven large companies to find out what they have learned along their sustainability journey.

Learning from leaders in corporate sustainability

Working with the Carbon Trust gave us credibility and clarity of direction, and really raised the profile of what we were trying to achieve.

Nick Eshelby, Director of Property Services and Facilities, Ladbrokes

Key services

  • Identification of green growth opportunities

Expert software tools

We also have software tools to support your company on its sustainability journey, including:

  • Footprint Expert, which produces low cost certifiable carbon footprint assessments for products and services
  • Enplanner: Our Low Carbon Planning Toolkit, Enplanner, helps developers to demonstrate compliance with local planning policies for onsite renewables & carbon reduction.

Our approach

We focus and prioritise our support on the areas where we can maximise the value to your business whilst minimising the cost. 

Our approach helps you build the urgency, clarity and alignment that will enable you to take the decisive action that is needed to ensure your business can capitalise on the commercial benefits of improving your environmental performance. This will help you comply with regulations, cut costs, enhance your brand and reputation and ultimately protect margins and grow revenues.

Read more about our sustainability management service (PDF)

Our experience

Our team of business and environment experts works with companies to reduce their carbon footprint, cut energy costs and gain a strategic competitive advantage. We identify the business case for putting sustainability at the heart of an organisation and demonstrate how this delivers shareholder value.

We have worked with many large and medium sized businesses, from those just starting their low carbon journey to those who are leading the field in terms of product, supply-chain and business model innovation. 

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